How to upload a video File to

In this guide you will find on how to upload a content files to Youku. To upload video Youku you need to follow this English guide. This is an easy process, where this English guide provides you with clear instructions and translated images about uploading videos, choosing the right categories and writing the right titles and tags.

1. Upload video Youku: Go to the upload page.

If you didnt create an account on Youku, you should do that first. Click here for the guide for creating an account.


Now you have created an account, you are already logged in. Hover over 上传 on the upper right side of your screen and a menu will appear. See image below for details. There are five options to choose from, where 上传视频 is uploading video. Click on that and a new tab/window appears. Others options to choose from are:

视频管理 – Video Management
我的频道 – My Channel
我的指数 – My Data
分享计划 – Sharing Plan

Upload video Youku, how to upload content


 2. Upload your video; upload video Youku

You enter a page where a huge blue arrow appears. Click on that to choose the video file you want to upload. Alternatively you could drag your file into the blue arrow. You enter a new page where your video is uploading.

Upload video select

 3. Enter your title, description and tags

Now you are waiting for your upload to complete, you can give your video a title, description, tags and a category. You can see in the image where you need to enter what. See this picture, it is self-explanatory.

Upload video Youku, how to upload videos on

You need to fill in these forms:

标题 – Title
简介 – Description
分类 – Category
标签 – Tags

You can enter these fields by writing down your title, description and tags. The category options is a dropdown menu, choose the category which fits the most to your video upload. You can view categories on the image below for explanation.

Categories upload video Youku, how to choose categories


Then there are these options, you don’t have to do anything about it.

upload privacy

版权 – Copyright (first option: Your creation. Second option: Content from other sources)
隐私 – Privacy (first option, everybody can view, second option: Only friends can view, third option: password protected).
分享 – Share (Share through Chinese social media options).

You have the option to provide Chinese titles, description or tags. What is the best way to do that? Google to Google Translation and translate it from your language into Chinese. Just copy-paste your title and description. The translation is quite accurate.The tags the best you can do is to translate each keyword into Chinese and paste that into the tag textbox. That’s also accurate.

Upload title description tags ready

4. Confirm your upload

When the upload status bar reaches 100%, you are able to click on the blue confirmation button, see image above. This means you have completed your video upload to Youku. If you click that, the site will lead you to the confirmation page.

Uploading finishedUpload video Youku is complete! If you press the blue button you will return to the upload page. You might want to continue to manage your channel and videos. You can also continue to read how to earn money with your uploaded content.