How to manage videos Youku, in this section this English guide will show you how to manage videos on . This English guide also shows you how to manage your channel and your videos on your account. It shows you how the channel page looks like and how to modify your videos, all translated into English.

Manage videos Youku Head Menu

First you have to choose 视频管理 Video Management, this is an overview of your videos and other content you have uploaded before. If you recently uploaded a video, you might see that there is a hourglass with three green balls with it. This means your video is still being processed. The three balls means in the following order from left to right:
Upload – Still uploading.
Trans-coding- Upload complete, process video into their format.
Review – Being reviewed by staff.

Manager WAIT

The reviewing takes some time, which means your video can’t be viewed until review by their staff is complete.

Manage videos Youku: The Video Management page

When you have a fully working channel, your Video Management screen looks like this. We provide this image with the English translations:

Manage videos Youku overview

You can edit the title, tags and description of an existing video. when you click on Edit, you will go to the next screen with these editable text fields. See the image for more information. To save your modifications, You need to enter a Captcha and press the blue button.

Edit video


When you press Delete, you will see the next box. It says you need to enter your password to be able to delete your video.

Remove video

On the top right side, when you clicked your user name, you can continue to edit your profile. You can also log out from Youku. The rest is also self-explanatory. There are some quick-links which will lead you to what you click.

Edit profile

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