Do you want to know how to upload videos to the Chinese video site Youku? Are you wondering how to earn money on Then this is the right place to be, this site provide you a easy-to-follow guide to navigate through This is the English Guide for Youku, the online Chinese online version of Youtube. It has simple guides for uploading videos to Youku, creating an account and to use Youku. We translated some of their user interface to make it easier to understand. You can start to follow the next steps:

How to check Youku English version?

How to navigate in Youku?

How to Create an account (Register at

How to Upload a video to

How to Manage your videos and channels at

How to Modify your Profile at

When you do have some videos you might want to earn money by monetizing your videos.

Earn money with your videos at

Youku is a Chinese video hosting website comparable to YouTube. Thanks to its Chinese-only interface, it has likely flown under the radar for most users who do not speak Chinese. It is one of the top 100 sites of the Web according to different sources, it highlights that the site is very, very popular.

Read about the differences between Youku and Youtube.

Your English guide for Youku

One sub website of is the English page to visit Tudou:

How to visit the Tudou English website, your English guide for Youku is not responsible  for their contents or their use.